A Brief History of Time

Inspired by the work of astrophysicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking, Théâtre du Renard presents a bold adaptation of his bestseller, A Brief History of Time, in the witty and playful style that characterizes object theatre.

An inescapably complex material sits before our eyes,

elegantly unpacked with the aid of toys, puns and daring wit.
Justine De l’Église, Le Culte

In this dazzling one-woman show, the performer manages a hundred or so objects, plus sound and lights, to convey with wit and precision the great ideas that have shaped the history of modern science.


Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Hubble are thus sung, rapped, recounted and made relevant again in this play, which presents the story of science in a way you have never experienced it before! This is your chance to hope to understand (at last!) the theory of Relativity, the expansion of the Universe, and especially the meaning of the famous E=mc2 !

Antonia succeeds in entertaining the audience with a sense of humour that flirts between deep reflection and lightheartedness. Her discourse is a delightful path to follow, from the simplest to the most complex of ideas.

David Lefebvre, Montheatre.qc.ca

Created and performed by

Antonia Leney-Granger

Supported by

Francis Monty et Olivier Ducas, 
Théâtre de la Pire Espèce
Centre de création et diffusion Aux Écuries

Outreach activities

  • Preparatory workshop about our artistic process and intro to the scientific material considered in the show

  • Discussion or questions after a performance

  • Hands-on in-class workshop on object theatre or shadow puppetry

Antonia Leney-Granger is featured on Canada's Map for Arts and Learning.