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15 Minutes of Quantum Physics

Two 15-minute short object theatre forms bring quantum physics to audiences everywhere, in the most playful way imaginable! This pair of internationally renowned puppeteers-scientists will do their utmost to recreate before you the mysteries of the infinitely small and the subatomic world.

To make their very scientific demonstrations, they use well-known games and toys, from Barbies to the Rubiks cube, as well as a giant Lite Brite game to depict the path of electrons! This energetic duo delivers an epic performance by multiplying examples, puns and physical games to share their infectious passion with us, all to a pop soundtrack ranging from Mario Kart to Crazy Frog! This is a wild and brilliant show you shall not soon forget!

2 x 15 minutes
In theatres
12 and up
In the streets
Jean-David Marceau 1.jpg
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