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Object theater for science communication
Workshops for college and university students, doctoral researchers and professionals 

How can images help communicate complex ideas?

How to create and deliver an exciting, accessible and meaningful scientific story to a large audience?

Théâtre du Renard offers object theater workshops for students and professionals in the scientific sector. Through various exercises, participants develop tools for creative scientific communication, building on the unique personality of each participant.

Examples of recent projects:

Automne21FormationSciyousherby-montage infolettre 161221.png

Workshop tailored to your needs

  • Introduction to object theatre

  • Creative production around a specific subject

  • Integration of objects and images in scicomm projects or contests, such as My thesis in 180 seconds

Inspired by these images?

We can work with you to design a tailored training project for your organization. Contact us for more information!

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